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Wine conversations that David offers

Get a group of 10 or 12 together and let David bring you his expertise and host a wine experience for you at your workplace or at your house. People bring their own wine knowledge and palates to the table so David makes it as conversational as possible. At the end of the session you will have consolidated your knowledge, broadened your palate, better understand your preferences, and be able to talk about the wines with even more confidence. With carefully selected, delicious wines, a lovely grazing table or meal, sparkling water, and easy-to-read and understand tasting notes, your group will love it.

All wine conversations sessions by David are a minimum of 2.5 hrs and include upfront a refresher on the etiquette of wine tasting and is tailored to the needs and knowledge of your group. Examples of formats and content are as follows:

 Corporate functions - for staff or clients

  1. Australian wines - Introductory session -  in your conference room. A tasting of Australian wine covering Australia's major wine regions with notable examples of the best varieties for each. Eight premium wines will be explored. Cost of session will be $950.00 for 10 people and $1140 for 12 people.

  2. Australian and International wines in your corporate conference room. A tailored tasting including a comparison of wines from Australia and overseas - eg riesling, pinot noir/burgundy, chardonnay/chablis, shiraz/syrah). Quote per session can be provided, cost dependent on cost of wines chosen. For example, $2,000+for 10 people with eight premium wines (ranging from, for example, an Italian sangiovese at $45 to French burgundy at $200 per bottle).

  3. A longer Wine Conversations program of four x 2-hour sessions over a four-week period in venue of your choosing (corporate conference room and/or catered) showcasing approx 30 national and international wines (cost can be provided).

    Functions at home

  4. In your own home for 10-12 people depending on size of venue (venue must be Covid compliant). With Hudson’s grazing-style food catering, the cost would be approx $950.00 for 10 people; $1140 for 12 people; or you can cater yourself in which case the cost is likely to be $720 for 10 people; $840 for 12 people.

Specific session topics can be agreed for example:

  1. refresher of main Australian wines and an overview of red and white wine making;

  2. session on Australian and New Zealand whites;

  3. session on current trends in Australia - natural wine, amber wine, cool climate terroir; or

  4. session on a range of Australian and international sparkling wine.   

About David...
David head shot 1 IMG_7458.jpg

David attended a wine appreciation class himself 35 years ago, and has since then, been a huge wine enthusiast.  He has collected, tasted,  read and educated himself about wine since then, and has volunteered in the wine industry since 1993.


The Canberra Royal National Capital Agricultural Society (RNCAS) conducts the National Wine Show of Australia – which is Australia’s most prestigious wine show - called 'the best of the best' in Australia.  David has held the following positions:


  • Director, RNCAS board 1997-2005

  • Vice-President, RNCAS 2005-2010 

  • Steward - National Wine Show 1995-2009

  • Chaired the Canberra Regional Wine Show committee 1998-2005

  • Chaired the National Wine Show committee 2010-2015, during a period of significant reform.

Memberships and qualifications
  • Member of Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO)
    2020 Wine Show Technical Advisory Committee

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (2019)

  • Safe Food Handling Unit of competency (2020) CIT 

  • Wine and Spirit Education Trust UK (WSET) Level 1 Award in wines (2019)

  • Wine and Spirit Education Trust UK (WSET) Level 2  Award in wines Pass with Distinction (Feb 2020)

  • Member of Wine Communicators of Australia

  • Public liability insurance coverage 


I will never look at wine the same again. A wonderful evening of education and discussion, whilst drinking some amazing wines and eating some amazing food.  David’s knowledge of wine production and consumption is incredible.  Shane, Canberra

David’s ‘wine conversations’ was perfect for a gathering of work colleagues who had different levels of knowledge about wine. It was informative and focused but nonetheless relaxed.  It was also a great launchpad for general discussion about wine, the wine industry and related topics. I highly recommend it!  Prue, Canberra

The wine appreciation class hosted by David at my workplace was a triumph! Not just delicious, it was thoughtfully curated for our group and unlocked so much information about drinking good wine. Everyone left the class as better wine appreciators. Lyndall, Canberra

I have attended three wine tastings hosted by David, and have thoroughly enjoyed each. David has an impressive knowledge of a wide variety of wines, which he explains in an engaging and down-to-earth manner. The selection of wines for tasting has always been excellent. Highly recommended! Bianca Canberra

David is very knowledgeable about all thing’s ‘wine’ and he made the whole experience a lot of fun.  I have attended two of David’s wine tastings and I learnt so much from ‘how to hold the glass’ and how to ‘actually taste the wine’ to what to look for as far as smell, colour, undertones etc. Attending these events has allowed me to taste many different wines I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to taste. I would definitely recommend David’s wine tasting events to anyone- even if you aren’t a wine connoisseur. Karen, Canberra

‘David has a passion for sharing his love and knowledge of wine. Expertise in our group varied from novice to knowledgeable but irrespective of our understanding of wine, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely and enhanced our knowledge. I would highly recommend David’s session.’  Dianne, Canberra

‘David's session was excellent and there was a huge amount of laughter as well as serious discussion. I came away knowing much more about wine and why I like riesling so much! Ask him to explain about the cabernet palate 'donut' .  Rebekah, Torquay

"A wine tasting with David was informative, fun, and helped refine my palate." - Michael, Lyneham

I have done countless tastings with wine professionals across Australia, and I genuinely believe that David delivered the most warm and personal tasting I’ve had to date. David’s wine knowledge covers an astonishing breadth with fine detail. David delivers great tastings without the all-too-common snobbery of fine wine appreciation. Samuel, Canberra

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