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Wine sessions that David offers...

Let David bring you his expertise and host a wine experience for you in-house. Participants will also bring their own wine knowledge to the table. At the end of the session you will have consolidated your knowledge, broadened your palate, better understand your preferences, and be able to talk about the wines with even more confidence. With carefully selected, delicious wines, a lovely grazing table, sparkling water, and easy-to-read and understand tasting notes, your group will love it.

Session A
Overview of Australian wines 

Beginners / intermediate session: a tasting of Australian wine (2.5 hours) covering Australia’s major wine regions with notable samples of the best varieties for each. Eight wines will be explored.

Cost of session with eight excellent wines: $1140 for 12 participants; or
Cost per session with eight outstanding wines: $1560 for 12 participants.

Session B
Comparing Australian and international wines

Intermediate or advanced session: a tailored tasting of Australian and international wines (2.5 hours)
including for example, riesling, pinot noir/burgundy, chardonnay/chablis, shiraz/syrah. Wines from Australia, France, Italy, NZ etc

Quote per session can be provided - approx. $2,000 with eight excellent wines (ranging from, for example, an Italian sangiovese at $45 to French burgundy at $200 per bottle).

Session C

Tailored programs 

Tailored in-house sessions designed and costed specifically for your group, for example,

  • a two hour refresher and overview of wine making;

  • a program of four x two hour sessions over a four-week period showcasing approx 30 national and international wines;

  • a session on current trends in Australia - natural wine, amber wine, cool climate terroir;

  • a session on a range of Australian and international sparkling wine; or

  • a session on Australian and New Zealand whites only.

Quote can be provided based on your needs.

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