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David is very knowledgeable about all thing’s ‘wine’ and he made the whole experience a lot of fun.  I have attended two of David’s wine tastings and I learnt so much form ‘how to hold the glass’ and how to ‘actually taste the wine’ to what to look for as far as smell. Colour, undertones etc. Attending these events has allowed me to taste many different wines I would not otherwise had the opportunity to taste. I would definitely recommend David’s wine tasting events to anyone- even if you aren’t a wine connoisseur. Karen, Canberra

‘David has a passion for sharing his love and knowledge of wine. Expertise in our group varied from novice to knowledgeable but all of us had a lot of fun learning more.

I would highly recommend David’s session.’  Di van Meegen, Canberra

‘David's session was excellent and there was a huge amount of laughter as well as serious discussion. I cam away knowing much more about wine and why I like  riesling so much! Ask him to explain about the cabernet palate 'donut' .  Rebekah, Torquay

"A wine tasting with David was informative, fun, and helped refine my palate." - Michael, Lyneham

I have done countless tastings with wine professionals across Australia, and I genuinely believe that David delivered the most warm and personal tasting I’ve had to date. David’s wine knowledge covers an astonishing breadth with fine detail. David delivers great tastings without the all-too-common snobbery of fine wine appreciation. Samuel, Canberra

The wine appreciation class hosted by David at my workplace was a triumph! Not just delicious, it was thoughtfully curated for our group and unlocked so much information about drinking good wine. Everyone left the class as better wine appreciators. Lyndall, Canberra

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